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Asialink Business Academy

Over the next ten years, Asia will deliver two-thirds of global growth, making the region critical to Australia’s economic recovery, business growth and future prosperity. With Asia’s rapid growth and transformation, we see an increasingly competitive and complex landscape.

Success in and with Asia depends on the capability to navigate the opportunities and risks in the region and to make better decisions for your organisation in a fast-changing Asia landscape. Understanding what it takes to do business in and with Asia, is vital to achieving long term financial and strategic outcomes.

The Asialink Business Academy offers market-leading expertise in building Asia capabilities. The Academy programs transform skillsets and mindsets, building practical skills and connections to grow your business in Asia. The Academy is part of Asialink Business, Australia’s National Centre for Asia Capability. Asialink Business was established in 2013 with the mission to raise awareness of the opportunities in Asia, equip organisations with practical knowledge about how to approach those markets and develop skills for Australian enterprises to succeed on the ground.

Professional Accreditation

Participants who successfully complete an eligible Asialink Business Academy program will receive a digital accreditation highlighting the knowledge, skills and capability uplift acquired through the program.

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